12 Days of Christmas on IndieFlix

Remember IndieFlix?

It’s the website that allows you to stream thousands of independent films from festivals all around the world. And it’s free with your Mentor Public Library card.

The IndieFlix catalog has independently made full-length features and shorts, as well as classic movies and even television episodes.

And it also has a lot of awesome Christmas stories you can watch, if you’re feeling festive.

So without further prelude, a dozen seasonal selections from IndieFlix for your 12 Days of Christmas:



1. Don’t Tell Santa You’re Jewish
A young Jewish girl is worried that Santa will find out that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas during her hockey league’s holiday party. This animated short is all kinds of adorable. It doesn’t matter if you spin the dreidel or hang the mistletoe, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

2. The Santa Lie
This short from the United Kingdom is about a 6-year-old girl who discovers the truth about Santa. Needless to say, her parents are left sputtering for an explanation.

3. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
This 1964 film is unforgettable. Whether it’s memorable in the good or bad sense is a matter of taste. Simply put, you can file this one under “so bad it’s good.” It features a bunch of Martians who kidnap Santa Claus so they have someone to give their children presents. If you snickered when you read, “Martians who kidnap Santa,” then this one might be worth a look. (It is free, after all.)

4. A Jersey Christmas
A group of clerks at Xmas-O-Rama, a tumbledown Christmas shop in Jersey, are trapped working there until midnight on Christmas Eve. While the boss is at a card game in a last-ditch attempt to pay his bookies, the employees (most of whom are not Christian) struggle with their “outsider” relationship to Christmas. Fair warning: Despite having “Christmas” in its title, this is not a family film. There’s way too much profanity in this one to consider it kid-friendly.

5. The Jack Benny Show, The Christmas Shopping Show
In addition to independent films and shorts, IndieFlix features a bunch of classic television shows, including their Christmas specials. In this episode of “The Jack Benny Show,” Jack tries to finish all of his Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. (You’ll feel immense sympathy for the poor wallet salesman.)

6. The Silver Bow
This one just might make you tear up a little. A son gets his dad, a bedraggled street performer, the perfect Christmas present.

7. The Great Rupert (A Christmas Wish)
This movie might be worth watching just to hear Jimmy Durante sing “Jingle Bells.” But the real scene-stealer in this family-friendly film is an animated squirrel who saves Christmas. That’s right, Jimmy Durante and a stop-motion animated squirrel. If you don’t want to see that, then you don’t understand Christmas.

8. Jingle Blues, Jingle Bells
The father in an atypical black British family tries to get his family through the holiday and an impending financial crisis after he loses his job. Can he keep his sanity while still giving his kids the Christmas they want?

9. The Carrot Cake Conversations
This film is more Christmas-adjacent than full-on festive (like “Die Hard” or “Batman Returns.”) It is a story of four strangers–three locals and a failed American actress–who find themselves stranded in Singapore two days before Christmas, and find companionship among themselves over a plate of carrot cake.

10. Wood of Value
This Norwegian documentary follows the path of a Christmas tree from the forests of Norway, across the North Sea to the city of London. It also tells the story of the people who assist the tree on its journey.

11. Christmas Comes on a Bicycle
This short film from South Korea is both somber and sweet. A young boy tries to get the object of his affection to notice him on Christmas, but she is too distracted by her job at a family bicycle shop to even notice that it’s Christmas.

12. The Beverly Hillbillies, Home for Christmas
The Clampetts fly back to their original home for the holidays, but can a fish that’s used to being out of water return to the sea?

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