Borrowing Policy

Loan Periods

Most checked out items may be renewed unless they have been placed on hold by another patron. You may renew online through the catalog or phone the library and ask for Circulation Services.

Material Loan Period Limit Fine Per Day Renewals
Books 2 weeks 250 .10 10
Magazines 2 weeks None .10 4
Music CDs 2 weeks 20 .10 4
Audiobooks (Books on CD) 2 weeks 20 .10 4
DVDs & Blu-Ray – Fiction 1 week 15 .50 4
DVDs & Blu-Ray – Nonfiction 2 weeks 15 .50 4
DVD Sets (3 or more DVDs) – Fiction and nonfiction 2 weeks 10 .50 4
Video Games 1 week 1 .50 4
Nooks 2 weeks 1 .50 4
Laptops In-House Use ONLY 1 —— 0
Hotspots 10 days 1 5.00 0
OhioLINK – Books 3 weeks 5 .50 4
OhioLINK – Media 1 week 5 .50 0
SearchOhio – Books and most Media 3 weeks 25 .50 3
SearchOhio – Movies (DVD or VHS) 1 week 25 .50 3


Fine Policy

The Mentor Public Library uses a collection agency, Unique Management, to encourage patrons to return their overdue materials to the library. In fairness to all patrons, the library will pass the cost of this service on to each patron whose account must be handled by Unique Management. The Library hopes this practice will encourage all library borrowers to return items by the date due. Book and video return drop boxes are available when the library is closed.

Patrons will be notified by the library via mail that their materials are overdue and they have 2 weeks to respond before being turned over for collection. Fees for damaged items include the price of the item plus a replacement fee. Patrons returning items with missing pieces or booklets will be charged the full price of the item since an incomplete item cannot be circulated.

To help you keep track of items checked out on your library account, we will email   Courtesy Notices to all patrons who provide a current email address, 2 days before items are due. Patrons will receive two overdue notices for overdue items; if an item has not been returned 45 days past the due date, the patron will be billed for the cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee. Overdue fines will continue to accrue to a maximum of $5.00.


Unique Management Assistance

If a patron owes over $50.00, we consider those items checked out to the account, to be missing. We will mail the cardholder a bill for the Missing items. If after 10 days the account has not been resolved, it is submitted to Unique Management for assistance and the collection fee of $10.00 is added to the cardholder’s account.


Lost Items

If you lose or damage an item, please call us or stop in and let us know. The charge for lost items is the cost of the item plus $5.00 for replacement and $5.00 for billing. We will accept replacement items from patrons who have damaged or lost items. A Replacement item must be an exact match for the damaged or lost item. As an example, a hardback must be replaced with the identical hardback title. The cardholder is still responsible for the overdue fine. Overdue fines will accrue to a maximum of $5.00 per item and are applied to the account once the item is checked in or the Replacement is accepted by the Library.


Damaged DVD Cases

There is a $2.00 charge for locking DVD cases that are returned in damaged condition.


Items that Do Not Belong to Mentor Public Library

If you accidentally return another library’s items to Mentor Public Library, we will do our best to return those items to the appropriate library. If you return rental DVDs and games (from Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, etc.) to Mentor Public Library, we will keep them behind the circulation desk for two weeks for you to pick up. We cannot keep these items beyond two weeks due to lack of space. The Library is not able to return rental DVDs and games for you.

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