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Ada Twist, Scientist9781419721373_s3
by Andrew Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts
Children’s Picture Books, Beaty

Beaty continues to introduce members of her lovable class, and now we get to meet Ada Twist. Though Ada was curiously quiet early in life, she soon because asking questions and seeking out answers. Her quest for knowledge showed the makings of a great scientist, but her risky experiments begin to worry her parents. But at the end of the day her parents understand that its best to learn with her. 

A New Hope: The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy
by Alexandra Bracken21947304
Children’s Fiction, Bracken

This was a wonderful retelling of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The empire has built the greatest weapon that the galaxy has ever seen, and only our trio of heroes can stop them. Told from Leia, Han and Luke’s perspectives, this book builds on the story that we all know and love. It includes original concept art that Star Wars fans are sure to love.

Jars of Hope: How one woman helped save 2,500 children during the Holocaust

by Jennifer Roy ; illustrated by Meg Owenson
Children’s Nonfiction 940.5318 Roy 

This is an incredible true story about Irena Sendl25423991er, a Polish social worker that helped  Jewish children during the holocaust. Irena wanted to help the families in the Warsaw Ghetto. Irena and her helpers smuggled food and medicine to those in need. Eventually they helped children escape the Nazis.  Irena kept a list of all the children saved because “every child deserves to know her real name.” She put the lists in a glass jar and buried them. After the war ended, Irena’s lists were given to an organization that help connect survivor’s and their families. This story is a true inspiration. The illustrations are beautiful and thoughtfully done. This book is for all ages and is a good way to open up discussion with children about the Holocaust and the brave survivors that endured it.


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