Rare & Classic Disney Movies on Hoopla: Nature

did_436_270There are more than 200 Disney films available right now on Hoopla, one of our digital services at Mentor Public Library. And you can watch as many as 12 a month for free anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a MPL card.

But with so many movies to pick from, it’s difficult to know where to get started. Allow this to serve as your primer for all the rare and classic Disney nature films you can find on Hoopla.

Before there were BBC Earth, Nova, or The Great Courses series, there was Disney.

did_29185_270Disney (both the man and the film company) cared about the Animal Kingdom long before it opened a theme park dedicated to it.

Repeatedly, Disney trained its cameras on the natural world; and now it has an archive filled with Academy-Award-winning nature films, several of which are available in Hoopla.

Disney called his nature documentaries True-Life Adventures, and there’s no better introduction to the series than the aptly named Best of Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures. The clip film follows the documentarians’ unobtrusive but alert cameras from the Amazon to the Arctic to Africa to the American prairies.

If that only whets your palate, Disney also offers deeper dives into several ecosystems:

The Vanishing Prairie gives you a closer look of the endangered buffalo and its habitats. The Living Desert captures everything from a tortoise’s mating dance to mortal combat between a Pepsis wasp and tarantula. White
depicts the struggle for flora and fauna to survive in the northern extreme of our planet.

Both The Jungle Cat and The African Lion bring us closer to the charismatic big cats with which we share our world—to be specific, the Amazonian jaguar and lion, respectively.

did_72641_270Additionally, Disney uses fiction as well as documentaries to underline the importance of our fellow species. Neither Whispers nor Trail of the Panda are factual in the same sense as the True-Life Adventures, but they will truly remind you of the elephant and panda’s value to our planet.

And Disney continues its fascination with the natural world after all these decades. It captured diverse landscapes, peoples and animals in Sacred Planet.

And, as our understanding of nature has expanded, so has Disney’s interest. In 2006, the studio released Roving Mars, a film designed to give us the feeling that we’re walking on Mars.

This introduction to Disney nature films on Hoopla is merely the tip of the iceberg. Hoopla also has dozens of Disney adventures, comedies, animated films, and more available to watch whenever and wherever. And it’s all free with your Mentor Public Library card!

Peruse Hoopla’s collection and find your family’s newest favorite Disney film.

By the way, if you’re not sure how to use Hoopla, we made a how-to video.

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