The Battle of the Books Begins

Who are you voting for in the Battle of the Books?

Who are you voting for in the Battle of the Books?

Is a young demigod any match for the boy who lived? Will Judy Moody overwhelm the Wimpy Kid? If the Wild Things win, will they celebrate with a wild rumpus?

These are just some of the questions leading into the first round of Mentor Public Library‘s Battle of the Books.

Eight children classics will duke it out tournament-style, and it’s up to you (and your kids) to vote for your favorites.

The first round match-ups are:

1. Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief vs. Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid vs. Judy Moody

3. Madeline vs. Where the Wild Things Are

4. I Want My Hat Back vs. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive

You can cast your votes for your favorite books with ballots located at the Children’s Desk at our Main Branch. The first round will take place now through September 28.

On September 29, the winners will move forward; and a new round of voting will begin and run until Oct. 6.

The championship round will run from Oct. 6 through 12, after which the winner will be crowned.

So who are you voting? And what children’s classic do you wish was in the brackets?

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Our newest Little Free Library location

We dropped off our newest Little Free Library at Memorial Middle School on Friday.

We dropped off our newest Little Free Library at Memorial Middle School on Friday.

Short post today to celebrate our newest Little Free Library at Memorial Middle School.

We love kids, we love books and we love giving books to kids; so having a Little Free Library at a school is a delight for us. Thanks to Principal Dudziak for making it happen!

This is our 16th Little Free Library—17th if you count the one we take with us during our Flash Libraries. People often tell us how much they like them and thank us for them; but, honestly, it’s we who should be thankful.

We’re thankful to all our partners who host them, thankful to all our volunteers who make sure they stay filled, thankful to everyone who donates books, and thankful to everyone who takes a book to read. Without all of you, our Little Free Libraries would just be handsome blue bird houses.

Never stop reading!

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Mentor Library hosting College Prep Series to help teens get ready for next step

Patricia Saddle talks about selecting colleges at the Mentor Public Library.

Patricia Saddle talks about selecting colleges at the Mentor Public Library.

Mentor Public Library is hosting a College Prep Series from Sept. 16 through Sept. 18 to help people navigate the gauntlet that is college preparation.

The workshops cover finding the right college, the application process and how to find loans, grants and scholarships. Both sessions are free and open to the public, including teens, parents and adults who want to go back to school.

All of the talks will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the library’s Main Branch.

On Sept. 16, Patricia Saddle, an independent educational consultant from the College Planning Center, will present an overview on all aspects of the college-application process. She will discuss choosing a college, applying and financing a college education. She will also offer tips to those who are new to the process.

On Sept. 18, a representative from Lake/Geauga Education Assistance Foundation (LEAF) will talk about financing a college education. They will discuss loans, grants and scholarships, explain the differences between the three and tell students the best way to get them.

Mentor Librarian Cailey Williams organized the series to help parents, teens and anyone else who might be overwhelmed by the college search.

“As a teen, it can be difficult to figure out where to start in the college search and it can be kind of scary,” Williams said. “By setting up this series at the library, we are giving them the opportunity to meet these professionals on a neutral, less intimidating ground. They are encouraged to ask questions and to participate in the workshops.”

“In particular, the financial aid aspect is intimidating,” Williams said. “That is why we will have someone from LEAF explain how it all works and sharing advice on how to manage finances for college.”

This is the third year the library has hosted the College Prep Series.

While the workshops are open to everyone, the library asks that people register for the programs beforehand. They can do so by calling (440) 255-8811 ext. 214 or by visiting Mentor Library’s event calendar.

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Music from the Civil War at Mentor Library

The Celtic Union Band performed classic songs from the Civil War yesterday at our Main Branch. If you couldn’t make it, here’s a short video to give you a taste of what you missed.

For more of the Celtic Union Band, you can visit their YouTube page.

We have another program about the Civil War this week.

For the last two years, the  James A. Garfield National Historic Site has led a monthly lunch-time Civil War series at our Main Branch, and their war stories and facts have been fascinating.

Rangers and park volunteers discuss everything from the Battle of Gettysburg to Civil War Art to the role artillery played in the war.

At noon this Wednesday, Sept. 9, they will talk General William T. Sherman’s famous “March to the Sea” from Atlanta to the Georgia coast. All of the Civil War talks are free and open to the public. You can register for it on our website.

Come by and bring a lunch if you like!

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Mentor Library launches new writing club for teens

What story do you want to tell?

What story do you want to tell?

Writers all share one common attribute. They feel the need to write.

It doesn’t matter if they’re 16 or 67, from Cameroon or Colorado. Writers have stories inside of themselves and they need to get them out.

That’s why Mentor Public Library has started a writing club for teens—to help young authors tell their stories.

The first meeting will be from 4 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 15, at Mentor Library’s Main Branch. It’s open to anyone in seventh through 12th grade.

“The Teen Writing Club is all about our young writers,” said Kristin Milks, the reference librarian who started the club. “Each month, the writers are welcome to come in with their current work or a blank slate. I’ll also have writing prompts that we can play around with and use as story starters.”

September’s theme is “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The teens can create short stories using photos as story prompts. Teens can also bring any writing they want to share with the club.

While Kristin will oversee the Teen Writing Club for the library, it’s ultimately up to the teens on what they want to do.

“I want everyone who comes to our club to take ownership of it,” she said. “Because, in the end, it’s all about having fun and honing your writing.”

Teens can register for the writing club on Mentor Library’s website. By the way, Mentor Library also has a book club especially for teens.

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