Throwback Thursday: How to get to Sesame Street

Sesame Street‘s been around so long that when you talk about it, you talk about eras. But whether you grew up in the Snuffy-was-still-imaginary era or in a post-Elmo world, you probably have some favorite moments you want to revisit.

But it can be tricky wading through 40 years of programming and dozens of DVDs to find that time Roosevelt Franklin taught the days of the week or Count sang “Lambaba.”

So Throwback Thursday is here to help with our guide to your favorite Sesame Street moments (and where you can find them on DVD.)

And, as always, you can check out any and all of these items from Mentor Public Library.

The Old School collections are probably the single best way to find classic moments from the 1960s through early 1980s. Thus far, they’ve released three volumes (and two CDs.)

In Volume One, you find “Bein’ Green,” “Rubber Duckie,” “I Love Trash,” Batman crosses the street, the alphabet with Jackie Robinson and Lou Rawls, “C is for Cookie,” “Ladybugs’ Picnic,” “There’s a Bird on Me,” Mumford turning Grover into a rabbit, “Martian Beauty,” the first and last with Beetle Bailey, “Doin’ the Pigeon,” Stevie Wonder performing the Sesame Street theme song and Super Grover’s ongoing struggle with the telephone booth.

In Volume Two, there’s “Telephone Rock,” Richard Pryor’s (thankfully not profane) alphabet, Kermit and the weather salesman, Grover inventing the wheel, Paul Simon singing “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” “Cookie Disco,” Fonzie and Richie Cunningham brushing their teeth and the Grover’s continuing adventures as the world’s worst waiter.

In Volume Three, you have Snuffy and Gordon running the New York marathon, a visit from R2-D2 and C3PO, “Dance Myself to Sleep,” Oscar’s Steve Martin parody “Trash Outta Heaven” and a special goodbye to Mr. Hooper.

40 Years of Sunny Days includes memorable moments from the first four decades of Sesame Street, including the first appearances of Telly Monster, Elmo, Zoe and Abby Cadabby, Maria and Luis’ marriage, “Put Down the Duckie,” Neil Patrick Harris as the Shoe Fairy and cameos from everyone from Robert Deniro to the Plain White Ts to Patti Labelle. (There’s also a great book recapping the first 40 years of Sesame Street.)

And, as per other classic Sesame Street moment, if you’re looking for Oscar’s Patton homage, check out Follow That Bird.

The Sesame gang ice skating? That would be the Christmas special, (which also has my favorite performance of “Sing.”)

That time Elmo went to Grouchland? The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. (Yeah, some of these are easier to find than others.)

When in doubt, we always have a bunch of stuff with Elmo. Kids like Elmo, right?

Come back each week for a new Throwback Thursday profile.

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