Throwback Thursday: Father’s Day Edition

Goldfinger_-_UK_cinema_posterFather’s Day is this Sunday. You still have time to buy him a tie he’ll never wear. Or you can just borrow a movie from the library that he’ll actually want to watch.

We’re even willing to offer some suggestions.

(As always, you can check out any and all of these movies and books from the Mentor Public Library. We’ve even linked to our collection so you can put them on hold wherever you are.)

1. James Bond. Whether your dad prefers Daniel Craig, James Bond, Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore—we refuse to acknowledge that anyone might prefer George Lazenby—we have what he wants. If he also likes the Ian Fleming novels, we have those too.

2. Rocky. Want a fun idea for Father’s Day? Rent your dad all the Rocky movies—well, you can probably skip Rocky 5—and let him spend the day watching those. He’ll laugh as Rocky tussles with Thunderlips, cry as he calls for Adrian and cheer as he beats communism by punching it. I promise you’ll be his favorite kid. (Unless one of your siblings got him all the James Bond movies.)

3. ESPN’s 30 for 30. It’s OK if you haven’t heard of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series. Your father has. they’ve covered everything from the rise of fantasy football to the twilight years of Ali’s career. From baseball to bowling, ESPN’s covered a moment of your dad’s favorite sport in the sort of detail that only a father could love.

4. Die Hard. Also doubles as an excellent Christmas gift.

5. Fast and the Furious. If your dad’s a bit older, try Bullitt.

6. Clear and Present Danger. I’m actually talking about the book this time. Just playing the statistics here: There’s a good chance that your dad likes Tom Clancy novels and you might not even know it.

7. Indiana Jones. Another opportunity to borrow the whole series. Fair warning: Crystal Skull is to the Indiana Jones series as Rocky 5 is to Rocky.

8. Star Wars. You’re dad probably wants to see Episodes IV-VI. (If your dad is a huge Star Wars fan, have him watch the Clone Wars series.)

9. Con Air. This film-length explosion features the Father’s Day All-Stars: John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo and Nicolas Cage.

10. Or you could get your dad what he really wants, which is pretty much anything with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Come back each week for a new Throwback Thursday profile.

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