What will you learn this year?

hoopla-new-years-resolutionWhat’s your New Years Resolution?

Do you want to lose weight? Learn how to draw or play chess? Want to take better photos or cook more exciting meals?

We can help with all of that.

You can stream classes from the Great Courses series on dozens of topics—everything from philosophy to photography to math—taught by the world’s most respected college professors.

And it’s all free with our digital service, Hoopla, and your Mentor Public Library card.

Here are just 10 resolutions we can help you achieve:

1. Become a Better Cook

Hoopla has not just one but several classes on cooking you can watch for free. (You could even say it’s a 4-course meal of Great Courses.) Check out:

2. Get Healthier

You can stream more than a dozen different Jillian Michaels workouts right now for free, including Beginner Shred for those starting at square one.

Hoopla also offers Great Courses series on changing body composition through diet and exercise and staying fit as you age.

3. Publish Your Book

You’ve finally finished your manuscript and now it’s time to get published. This course leads you through the query-agent-publisher gauntlet and suggests when you should or should not consider self-publishing.

4. Learn Spanish

Get a free introduction to Spanish—30 classes that take you from a beginner’s vocabulary to the more nuanced parts of the language like commands, reflexive verbs, and irregular conjugations.

(You can also learn Ancient Greek, if you’re so inclined.)

5. Become a Chess Grandmaster

OK, maybe not a grandmaster, but you’ll roast everyone else in your chess club with the tactics you’ll learn from this course.

6. Embrace the Arts

Release your inner artist. Learn how to draw, study the greatest piano works ever composed, or finally decode what Shakespeare was talking about.

7. Decrease Stress

Everyone de-stresses differently. Fortunately, Hoopla gives you a cornucopia of options to experience. You can try tai chi or yoga, meditate, or even study the science of stress itself.

8. Become a Better Student

You’re not stupid. But your intelligence might not work the same as someone else’s. This course is filled with advice on how to tailor your education to your strengths. Learn your best way to learn.

9. How to Program

Yes, computer programming is a different language. But it’s a language you can learn, just like any other. Start programming from the very first session, and by the end of the course you’ll have learned a marketable skill.

10. Take Better Photos

Just because everyone has a camera doesn’t mean everyone’s a photographer. Fortunately, you can learn the photography from the professionals at National Geographic. Begin with the fundamentals of understanding your camera, progress to more advanced set-ups, and enjoy special lessons gleaned from decades of professional experience.

They even have a course that specializes in travel photography, in case your resolution is to travel more.

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