Author Virginia Nelson discusses what it takes to make it in publishing

Author Virginia Nelson—the writer of Penthouse Prince, the Odd Stuff series, and dozens of more snarky, slinky romances—had a lot to say when she visited Mentor Public Library during National Library Week.

She discussed how a pair of strokes goaded her into pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a professional writer. She also talked about how much work it takes to make writing your vocation.

Somehow, she manages to shoehorn at least eight hours of writing or editing into a day while caring for her three children and pursuing a master’s degree in popular fiction from Seton Hill.

“I write, edit, and work a lot—which my kids can vouch for; they’re very patient with me—but that’s my process, blockheadedly writing a lot,” she said.

Nelson also talked about the inherent sexism in those who malign the romance genre.

“I get those sneers. Oh, it’s romance. Don’t you want to use your gift for something important? And I think that’s funny; because romance is the only genre written by women, for women,” she said.

For more on Virginia Nelson, you visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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