Author Deanna Adams offers advice to writers

Author Deanna Adams offered advice to writers, both professionals and hobbyists, during her recent visit to Mentor Public Library.

She stressed the importance of observation, reading, and participating in writers’ events.

“Those who want to write for a career should start early and go to a lot of writing events,” she said, “be part of the writing community, be part of writers’s groups, hang out with other writers and learn from them. Because writing is a very solitary field. So you want to get out and embrace of the aspects of life and other people.”

Adams’ newest book is The Writer’s GPS: A Guide to Writing & Selling Your Book.

She also wrote Rock ’n’ Roll and the Cleveland ConnectionCleveland’s Rock and Roll Roots and Peggy Sue Got Pregnant.

Additionally, Adams discussed the role that music plays in her writing.

“I’m a baby boomer. Music was always important to us,” she said.

“Music defines your life, in many ways.”

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