Circulating STEAM Kits

Come and check out our STEAM kits. We’ve got over 20 new activity kits that focus on STEAM development that you can check out for in library use only. We’ve got everything from Code-a-Pillars to microscopes, to Magtastix and more! Check out the list of kits below.


Amusement Park Science
Ages: 8 and up

Subject: Kinetic EnergyDSCF3593
Description: Use this kit to create your own
amusement park. Discover how roller coasters go  up and down, how swings fly in the air, what makes bumper cars move and more!


Ages: 3 – 6
Subject: CodingDSCF3599
Description: Kids connect the segments to make
Code-A-Pillar go forward, left, right or wherever they choose. Each segment lights up as the action happens.


Deluxe Scientist Kit—Physics
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: PhysicsDSCF3594
Description: This kit includes everything necessary to perform over 250 fascinating experiments designed to demonstrate phenomena like magnetism, electricity, evaporation and condensation.


Edu-Science Prolab 1200 Microscope
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: MicrobiologyDSCF3585
Description: This microscope comes with 3 different magnification lenses up to 1200x. Check out the pre-loaded slides and use the blank slides to explore the microscopic world around you!


Edu Science Quick-Switch 900x Microscope
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: MicrobiologyDSCF3580
Description: Take a closer look at your
surroundings with this microscope! Use the
revolving turret to check out different levels of
magnification and use the lamp to illuminate your slides.


Electrical Experiment Set
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: ElectricityDSCF3592
Description: Shock your friends and family with your amazing mastery of electricity. This kid has everything you need for 10 cool, educational
experiments. Make a working fan, power a light bulb, and make a Morse code machine!


Electricity – Science Wiz
Ages: 6 and up
Subject: ElectricityDSCF3596
Description: This kit includes everything  you need to learn the fundamentals of electricity. Build circuit loops, light lights, buzz buzzers, and spin pinwheels.


Electro– Gadget 200
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: CircuitsDSCF3583
Description: A grid on which you build gadgets with snap pieces. You can build over 95 projects like sirens, and propellers!


Electronics Learning Circuits
Ages: 8 and up

Subject: Circuitry and ElectricityDSCF3587
Description: This kit provides tools and instructions to experiment and learn firsthand how electronics work.  This kit includes capacitors, resistors, transistors, and more!


Frontier Logs
Ages: 4 and up
Subject: ConstructionDSCF3588
Description: Logs interlock together to create
cabins, forts, fences, and more. Arrange the logs to make simple or complicated structures which will help develop spatial reasoning, coordination, visualization and building skills.


Hex Bug Gear Racer
Ages:  8 and up
Subject: Mechanical EngineeringDSCF3573
Description: Build the ultimate revved up Race Car and put it to the test. This easy snap-together kit will  have you racing a speedy robot-inspired car. Through assembling this kit, kids will see firsthand how machines convert potential energy into kinetic energy.


 Hex Bug Zip Flyer
Ages: 8 and Up

Subject: Mechanical EngineeringDSCF3572
Description: Ready? Set. Take to the sky! This
robotic gadget is capable of shooting propellers 30 feet in the air! Pull the zip-cord stick to release, the faster you pull, the higher they’ll go. The Zip Flyer can be built as either a hand-held or table top launcher.


Imaginarium Timber Sticks
Ages: 4 and up
Subject: BuildingDSCF3579
Description: Create and design whatever you’d like with wooden timber sticks. Connect different shapes to make fun and interesting designs.


Inventions – Science Wiz
Ages: 8 and up

Subject: InventionsDSCF3597
Description: Its time to get creative. Build a motor, a telegraph, a light-flashing generation and a real radio!


K’Nex (400 piece set)
Ages: 7 and up

Subject: BuildingDSCF3581
Description: Let your imagination soar with over 50 unique K’nex building projects. Build a car, ship,
robot, and even more! With K’nex rods and
connectors the possibilities are endless.


Light – Science Wiz
Ages: 6 and up
Subject: LightDSCF3598
Description: Bounce, bend, and blend light with these 25 fun light based activities. Learn about the fundaments of light with lenses, reflection,
refraction, microscopes and more!


Magnetism – Science Wiz
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: MagnetismDSCF3595
Description: Detect iron, build a compass and much more with this fun magnetism kit! There are over 23 different activities that teach kids about the power of magnets for you to try.


Ages: 6 and up
Subject: MagnetismDSCF3589
Description: Get ready to harness the power of magnets! Construct different structures with these specials rods and balls. The shapes connect with magnets to form whatever you can imagine!


Ages: 8 and up

Subject: CodingDSCF3571
Description: Program your Ozobot to dance, race, and more and even dress him up! Code with colors using markers and the special color code


Physics – Science Wiz

Ages: 8 and up
Subject: PhysicsDSCF3594
Description: Blast off with Newton’s laws of motion with this kit, featuring 24 different activities!
Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia, the laws of motion, centripetal force, mass, and more!


Snap Circuit’s Beginner
Ages: 5 and up
Subject: Circuitry and ElectricityDSCF3575
Description: Use this kit to build over 20 projects that help develop an understanding of circuitry and electricity.


Snap Circuits Junior
Ages: 8 and up
Subject: Circuitry and ElectricityDSCF3577
Description: The next step up from Snap Circuit
beginner. This set has even more parts and can
create over 100 different projects.




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