Countdown to Kindergarten

Is your little one getting ready to enter preschool or kindergarten in the fall? Or maybe you just want them to brush up on some essential skills? Then check out our collection of Kindergarten Readiness activities!

These following activities help to prepare little ones for their transition into the school environment by practicing essential skills with fun challenges. The activities focus on key areas including language and early literacy, math skills, shapes and colors, gross motor skills, and essential life skills! Download the PDFs below and print them out for use at home! Many of these activities can be recreated at home without need to print them out, or you can always print them out here at the library!

Week Five

Language and Literacy

Letter Patterns

Can you copy the letter patterns on each line? Read the pattern out loud, naming each letter as you go. Using a pencil copy the pattern on the left side of the page onto the line that follows. Feel free to use the backside to make your own patterns and using letters your little one may need to practice.

Math Skills

How Many Toppings

This activity requires a marker and some play dough. Print out the cards and using the marker draw pepperoni onto the pizza number cards to match the number in the corner. Then mix up the cards. Draw a card from the pile, and make play dough pepperoni for the big pizza to match the number of pepperoni on the card. Continue until you have gone through all of the cards.

Shapes and Colors

Toothpick Shapes

For this activity you will need toothpicks, mini marshmallows, and a pencil. Print and cut out the cards. Try to name all of the different shapes. Then use the toothpicks and mini marshmallows to recreate the shapes, with the toothpicks as the sides and marshmallows as the vertices. Count how many sides and vertices each shape has and write them on the lines below the shape.

Motor Skills

Play Dough Straw Maze

No worksheet needed for this activity. All you need is play dough, a straw, and a small ball. Clear off the table and floor and use smooth the play dough into long tubes. Then use the play dough to create a path for the ball to travel down, like a hallway. Use the straw the to blow the ball through the pathway. Can you make a more complicated path? How about racing someone else?

Life Skills

Telling Time

Print out the worksheet. There are two different activities in the worksheet. For the first activity, draw the hands on the clock to match the time listed below the clock. The second activity has you matching analog time cards to the digital write out of the time.

Week Four

Language and Literacy

Sight Word Hopscotch

Print out the sight word cards, or just pick a few works you need to work on. Draw a hopscotch board on the pavement with a sight word in each square, or make one inside using piece of papers with the sign words written on them. Call out the sight words and see if you can hop to the matching word and then hop back.

Math Skills

Lego Symmetry Cards

Gather together your legos for this game. Print out the cards, or recreate them using your legos. Then create a mirror image of the legos the blank side of the card.

Shapes and Colors

Shape Detectives

Print out the shape magnifying glasses. Then take a trip around your house with each shape. Hold up the magnifying glass. Does anything you see in your house have the same shape? Hold up the magnifying glass so the shape is framed within the lens.

Motor Skills

Animal Movement Cube

Print out the movement cube, fold, and tape it together. Then give it a roll! Act like whatever animal lands face up on the cube.

Life Skills

Street Sign Memory

This is the game of memory using important street signs and warning signs that your child should learn to be familiar with. Flip all of the cards face down. Turn over two cards at a time to try and create a match. If the cards don’t match, flip them over and try again. If you make a match, pull those two cards out. Then try again. The person who makes the most matches wins!


Week Three

Language and Early Literacy

Letter Puzzles

These letter puzzles have 4 parts; the uppercase letter, the lowercase letter, and two objects that start with the matching letter. This activity can also double as scissor practice; cutting out the printed puzzles. Cut out the puzzles and mix them up. Then match up all the letter pieces.

Math Skills

Roll It, Write It, Count It

For this game you will need two 6 sided dice. First roll the dice, and place them in the “Roll It” section of the mat. Then write out the number using both the number and the written word. Finally, gather up some legos and count out the number of legos to match your roll.

Shapes and Colors

Rainbow Roll

For this activity you can either print out and fold a paper die or use your own. Roll the die and name the number it lands on. Match the number to your worksheet and trace the next letter in the column that matches the color. See which color column you can fill up first!

Motor Skills

Pencil Control

Print out the guides and follow along the line from one end to the other without lifting your pencil from the paper.

Life Skills

Teeth Brushing

Print out the teeth cards and cover them with tape so they can be drawn on with dry erase markers. Draw a few spots of “plaque” onto the teeth with a dry erase marker. Cut out the spinners and use a pencil and paperclip to create the spinner. Give the spinner a whirl and follow the instructions on the space it lands on, cleaning off teeth using a toothbrush. You can also discuss tooth friendly foods and good eating habits while brushing.

Week Two

Language and Early Literacy

Sand Writing

These letter writing guides can be used in many different activities, but we can use these cards for some summer fun. If you are on the beach you can use the sand around you. Or you can use any other fun material like shaving cream or sauce at home for a more sensory based activity. Cut out the cards and pull a random card from the pile. Name the letter and practice its letter sound. Then using your finger or a paint brush, write the letter in the sand.

Math Skills

Number Puzzles

These number puzzles have 4 parts. The printed roman numeral, printed word, dot, and slash mark representation of the numbers 1 – 9. This activity can also double as scissor practice; cutting out the printed puzzles. Cut out the puzzles and mix them up. Then match up all of the matching number pieces.

Shapes and Colors

Play Dough Shapes

Find your favorite tub of Play Doh for this activity. There are a couple ways you can play. Roll your Play Doh out in a tube and form the outline of the shapes with your tube. Or you can flatten the Play Doh and mold it into the shapes on the mats.

Gross Motor Skills

Scissor Cutting Practice

Grab a pair of scissors for this activity. Cut along the dotted line from one end of the page to the other, stopping just before some of your favorite characters. This activity can easily be recreated without printing out the worksheet, just draw dotted lines along a piece of paper for your little one to follow.

Essential Life Skills

Apples Following Directions

Print out the worksheet and test your little one’s skills at following directions. Read through all of the directions together before beginning. Gather up all of the different color crayons you need. Then, step by step, follow the directions and color your page!

Week One

Language and Early Literacy

Say It, Make It, Write It

It’s time to practice some sight words!

For this activity you will need need the sight word cards linked above, some magnetic letters, a flat magnetic surface, and a pencil. Print and cut out the cards. Place the “Say It, Make It, Write” it worksheet on a magnetic surface. Then have your child pull a random card from the pile. Work on pronouncing the words out loud together. Then identify each letter in the sight word and what sound it makes. Using the magnetic letters spell out the word in the “Make It” section of the worksheet. Then use the pencil to write out the word on the practice “Write It” section of the worksheet. Continue with as many sight words as you can!

Math Skills

Chain Link Numbers

For this activity you will need the Chain Link Numbers printout and a bunch of paperclips. Each chain link card has two numbers listed; one in the 10s place, and one in the 1s place. When you add those two numbers together, what do you get? Write the total number in the empty circle on the top of the card. Using a paperclip, gently poke a whole underneath the number in the 10s and 1s places. Then feed the paperclip through so that it hangs below the number. Link the matching number of paperclips to the numbers on the card! Count up the paperclips to make sure it matches the total number you wrote at the top!

Shapes and Colors

Spinning Shapes

This activity requires a paperclip and some colored crayons. Use the paperclip as a spinner for the colored wheel on the print out. Spin the paperclip, and name the shape and color it lands on. Then use a colored crayon to mark off the color and shape on the graph. Try this for a total of 10 spins! How many times did you land on each shape? What was the most common shape and color? What was the least common shape and color?

Gross Motor Skills

Just a Dot of Glue

For this activity you will need a bottle of glue. If you want to mix it up you could use a squeeze bottle of frosting or food dye, but really any squeeze bottle will work. Each square on the glut dot worksheet has a different number of dots. Count up the dots. Then carefully squeeze a small dot of glue onto the dots on the page. Be careful not to use too much!

Essential Life Skills

I Know My Phone Number

Knowing your phone number is important in case of an emergency. Practice reciting your phone number with your child, and write out the full number on the worksheet. Then color in the numbers on the keypads of both the corded and cellular phone.


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