Internet Use Policy

Internet Use Policy

To use a computer, sign in with your Mentor Public Library card. Enter the 14-digit number under the barcode with no spaces. At the Main Library, sign-in is through the Self Service station in the Internet Area, at a free computer, or at the Reference Desk. The Main Library and Branch desktop PCs are loaded with Microsoft Office 2010. The library’s laptops are loaded with Microsoft Office 2010. Library desktops and laptops are capable of both black & white and color printing, single or double sided. You cannot print from your own personal laptop.

You must have your Mentor Public Library card in good standing to use an internet computer. Use of the Internet computer will be on a first-come basis. Patrons may use the computers for 90-minute sessions. If no other patrons are waiting, additional time may be granted up to a maximum of 4 hours per day.

Some uses of the Internet are strictly prohibited. These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Illegal activities (violations of local, state or federal laws)
  2. Harassment of others
  3. Violation of Mentor Public Library network security measures
  4. Unauthorized copying of copyright protected materials
  5. Unauthorized access of computer accounts by use of passwords, access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others
  6. Disrupting the use of the Internet by other patrons
  7. Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which can be construed as obscene as defined by Ohio Revised Code 2907.01.

Misuse of MPL’s technology to disrupt MPL network functions is strictly prohibited. Abuse of Mentor Public Library’s acceptable Internet use guidelines may result in revocation of the user’s technology privileges in addition to legal prosecution.


Wireless at MPL

Mentor Public Library provides free wireless access at the Main Library and Branches.  We ask that laptop users follow these general policies:

  • Please turn off any audible sound if you use your laptop computers in the library, or use headphones. The library does not provide headphones.
  • Signal strength and performance will vary within the library depending on the location of the equipment that produces the radio signals, so some areas of our buildings may not have wireless service or may have slower internet service.
  • Although the wireless internet service is usually available, it is not guaranteed and during times of high use or technical problems the wireless service may not be available.
  • MPL has a limited number of public tables and seating, and not all seating is within easy reach of electrical outlets. Be prepared for your computer to be self-powered. Do not block or cross aisles or floors with extension or power cords. Your power cord cannot constitute a trip hazard or otherwise block access for library patrons or staff. Please do not move chairs or tables to electrical outlets.

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